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A thick dark forest, when I opened my equipment, I was given a choice of melisandre boobs small daggers or one thin medium sword, I chose the second and he appeared behind my back. Mom said that she took a magician, but she doesn't know how to use magic, apparently she listened. Suddenly I hear a girl's voice, it was squeaky and shouted: "Help, help" The little girl ran out of the trees and hid behind us, two. Ugly green goblins followed her, I abruptly pulled out my sword and said loudly: "- Stay behind me" fear played in me, despite these little gnomes, the sword was very light, as if it melisandre boobs wooden, I began to wave it when the goblins began to approach, discarding fear, I rushed forward and with a light movement cut off the head of one, he instantly evaporated, and the second just ran away. "- Uh.

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