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It is understandable, it was March kim zolciak sexy the yard, there was a lot of snow in the park, and the temperature was. Just below zero. We walked a little along the path into the depths of the park and I unexpectedly offered to turn to the side. - Where are you taking me. Katya asked.

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Lenka smiled - a kim zolciak sexy, getting up from the table and frankly staring at his trousers; - can I leave them to myself, - Alexey said in a pleading voice; - of course, I brought them to you, - Lenka agreed - dandelion, - I have more frank ones, but I decided to look at your reaction in relation to harmless photos; - and who is taking pictures. - Alexey asked in surprise at Lenka - a dandelion; - Yes, Mashka and I, by the way, kim zolciak sexy my daughter's name, we photograph each other with her, - she explained. - I anticipate your question about your husband, I answer, no, he doesn't film me and my daughter, so a couple of times we are with him after a stormy video pampered the holiday and that's all, - after a moment she added in an indifferent voice, - he is generally a conservative, fuck, bang, smack and sleep; - and where do you print the photos. - Alexey continued his inquiries; - this is how Masha prints, she is our amateur photographer, - Lenka smiled with a wave of her hand - a dandelion; - it. Is clear, - answered Alexey, - but how to join your secret group "daughter and mother, life without taboos" (he came up with this group on the go); - hmm, did you come up with it yourself. - she asked, smiling, - I like the name, since you came up with this group, then you should lead it.

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