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Very cheerful and talkative. Arriving home, she took me to introduce me to my new place of residence. It was a fairly large two-story house with billiards, a small pool and a sauna in the sia butt pic. My room was on the second floor. Quite spacious, nothing superfluous: a table, a wardrobe, an armchair, a TV and a double bed, tucked into a bed in small roses with ruffles around the edges (which. Made me very happy).

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First, Nikita and Diana moved out to sia butt pic rented apartment, and then Alex and I. The annoying mother did not calm down, she began to come to sia butt pic us too often. Too often. It seemed that you could not hide from her at all. And from her bad habits too. When Svetlana was hot, she walked around the apartment in a thong and a T-shirt, and if she needed to go to the. Ladies' room, she always opened the door so that we could hear what she was doing there and how. Alex stuttered from childhood, with age he was treated a little, but still it was noticeable during the conversation.

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