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A minute later, which seemed like an eternity, she asked me: "Do you like it?" Remaining with my fingers in my mouth, I hummed in the affirmative. All this time skyla no ea looked into each other's eyes. Without taking her fingers out of my mouth, she ordered me to kneel, to which I obeyed without question. As soon as I was on my knees in front of her, she opened my mouth with her fingers and, collecting her drool in her mouth, spat it out into. My mouth skyla no ea the words: "Swallow!" In my thoughts, I already knew that it was too late to retreat, and I swallowed everything that she spat into my mouth. The saliva was just as sticky and thick.

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The next evening, Babai sat down on a bench near the Valkyrie restaurant and began to watch. One, and then a couple of elite foreign skyla no ea drove up to the gates of the courtyard of the restaurant. They were quickly opened and let in cars. After a cigarette, the district police officer entered the room. The décor was beautiful, but not posh. A couple of tables were occupied by middle-class businessmen who clearly could not afford elite foreign cars, there was no one else in the hall.

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