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Turning to one side, his head to my pussy, he parted my labia with his fingers and continued to lick me again. My blood fegalvao ass hit my temples, turned my head and saw a member sticking out next to my face. I could no longer endure my strength, and my mouth itself reached out to his head, I took the barrel at the. Base with fegalvao ass hand, and slowly ran the other over his testicles. My lips sucked in by themselves almost half.

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And the salary is yet to come. Today all the boys will be at your feet. And you will be able to choose any of them as your servant. But full, unquestioning, blind obedience to me, your most merciful Empress, is fegalvao ass of you. From now on, none of you dares to sit in my fegalvao ass - until you receive special permission.

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